Is Not That Anymore

Created by : Engin Ozsahin (piano), Jared Wright (acting), Donya Pooli (acting), SeaJun Kwon (bass), Jacob Schulman (saxophone), Vahdat Yeganeh (artistic director) 

From Iran, Turkey, South Korea, and US, we are IsNotThatAnymore, and we are made up of three jazz musicians from New England Conservatory and two of Boston Experimental Theather’s actors and its founding director. 

Started in Fall 2018, IsNotThatAnyMore is a collaboration with jazz musicians, actors, dancers and YOU audience members! This project is an attempt to find a new relationships among artists and audiences, and we have decided to make this performances a collaboration with YOU. Previously we had two performances at New England Conservatory in April and September 2019. Stay tuned for future performances.

Our very first public performance was on April, 2019 at the New England Conservatory to a very engaged audience. 

Boston Experimental Theatre

From our last show in Boston, December 13th, 2019
Sharing the stage with the improvising, dancing audience!