Very Early

Bill Evans (1929 – 1980) is one of my heroes and I wanted to pay tribute to him by arranging his first known original composition to big band (He originally wrote this tune for a jazz theory class as an undergrad). The 1970 recording at Casino De Montreux, Switzerland is my favorite for its intensity. (Bill Evans (p), Eddie Gomez (b), Marty Morell (ds) )

This performance is recorded at New England Conservatory, Boston on 12 February, 2017.

NEC Jazz Workshop Orchestra

Shun Kumagi (Alto Saxophone)
Jorge Roldan (Alto Saxophone)
Jacob Shulman (Tenor Saxophone)
Michael Talento (Tenor Saxophone)
Michael Tomasiak (Tenor Saxophone)
Kyle Saulnier (Baritone Saxophone)

Miranda Agnew (Trumpet)
Jeffrey Cox (Trumpet)
Bobby Lane (Trumpet)
Alex Quinn (Trumpet)

Tyler Bonilla (Trombone)
Sam Margolis (Trombone)
Kyle Peck (Trombone)
Eric Stilwell (Trombone)

Matthew Thomson (Piano)
Andres Abenante (Guitar)
Evan Carley (Double Bass)
Avery Logan (Drums)

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