For Sextet

Conversations in Chaos result from my belief that we need more non-partisan dialogues for solving issues and a better way to listen to each other. I believe that improvising musicians’ hard-earned ability to listen deeply to others in and out of musical performances is an overlooked skill in a world dominated by speakers. (Released in 2023)

Sequence of Emotions is an album inspired by my journey in life, from choosing to be a mechanical engineer to becoming a jazz musician, by tirelessly following my heart and passion in sound-making. (Released in 2020)

For Big Band

Agnes’ Terms was performed on April 23, 2019 in New England Conservatory, Boston by Jazz Composers’ Workshop Orchestra.

Very Early (Bill Evans, arr. Ozsahin) was performed at New England Conservatory, Boston on 12 February 2017, by Jazz Composers’ Workshop Orchestra.

In Turkish, nadir means “rare”. This composition was inspired by my close musician friends in Istanbul during the summer of 2016, when the city was traumatized by various terrorist attacks and political upheavals, completely shattering the peace of mind of everyone in the city. Yet, these musicians found the courage to get together and play, making anyone hearing the music feel at least a little bit better. This composition is dedicated to all of those musicians that help to create that positive spirit.

Smaller Groups

Recorded at Babajim Studios, Istanbul in August 2019. Body & Soul, Virgo arranged by Özşahin. Bulut Gülen (tb), Enver Muhamedi (b), Ekin Cengizkan (d), Engin Özşahin (p).

Brynnel & Özşahin Duo, recorded at New England Conservatory in June 2019.


An improvised piece at Community Church of Boston, August 2020.