Zahhak @A.R.T. Jan 12-15

Two years after the first recorded performance of Zahhak in Boston, we now are going to perform it live at American Repertory Theater, Boston between Jan 12 to 15th. Here’s some more detail on the production.

You can use this link for making ticket reservations. It’s free!

And here are some interviews courtesy of Boston News Network, explaining why this performance exists and what our process is.

Zahhak – A recorded theatre performance

Our new recorded theatre performance Zahhak has been in the making for the last 12 months, and we’re super excited to announce that it will soon premier. I’m super proud of what Donya, Vahdat and myself have created even though it’s been an incredible challenge to pull this off during the pandemic. 

Looking forward to sharing this creation, which has been a total ‘in-flow’ experience for us. Please stay tuned.